At Paragon Traffic Management, we pride ourselves on providing efficient and effective traffic management solutions to all industries. As one of the preeminent traffic management companies, we have built a reputation for our unwavering commitment to transparency, safety and client satisfaction. This was vividly demonstrated when we worked on a challenging recent assignment for a film crew working on a thrilling drama series.

The Challenge: Swift Road Closure and Diversion Planning

The production team for a dramatic TV show found themselves in a bind. They needed a road closure to film an intense driving scene, and they also needed an efficient diversion plan, all within a few days. With safety being a significant concern, the road closure was necessary to provide a secure and undisturbed environment for filming.

Given the tight timeframe and the requirement for council approval, they required fast and efficient turnaround. They needed an expert they could rely on, so they turned to us!

The Paragon Solution: Prompt Response and Expert Execution

Understanding the urgency and the potential safety risks involved, we swiftly jumped into action. Our team quickly put together comprehensive traffic management plans and provided the necessary quotes, ensuring we met the council’s approval deadline.

To ensure a secure and efficient road closure and diversion on the day of the shoot, we deployed a team of ten experienced operatives to manage each closure point. We also carefully set up and marked the diversion route to ensure public safety and minimise disruption.

The Outcome: A Successful Shoot and another Satisfied Client

Our prompt response, meticulous planning, and expert execution led to a safe and efficient road closure and diversion, enabling a successful shoot for the thrilling drama. Beyond simply getting the job done, our commitment to professionalism and coordination was recognised and appreciated by our client.

The feedback we received was a testament to our commitment to exceeding expectations: “Absolutely brilliant! Your guys had everything running it like clockwork and we look forward to working with you again.”

At Paragon Traffic Management, our swift, reliable, and safe solutions set us apart among traffic management companies. But we’re not just about providing a service; we’re about delivering peace of mind and ensuring satisfaction.

If you’re facing similar challenges or looking for traffic management solutions, we are here to help. Get in touch here with us today to discover how our services can cater to your needs.