Beyond the job

At Paragon Traffic Management, our focus isn’t confined to the provision of excellent traffic solutions – we’re deeply committed to the personal and professional development of our people. Harnessing the power of training to enhance confidence, competence, and spark growth, we are on an exciting journey to excellence.

We’re delighted to share news of our recent training initiatives in Scunthorpe and Scotland, designed to equip our team with the latest Chapter 8 traffic management methods and systems.

Boosting Chapter 8 Proficiency Among CAD Technicians in Scunthorpe

In our Scunthorpe branch, our talented CAD Technicians have been busy mastering the intricacies of Chapter 8 traffic management. This latest training ensured that our team is equipped with up-to-date knowledge on safety-focused traffic management solutions.

This NHSS 12D T7 (M7) training course is designed to ensure the highest safety standards for all, from our diligent on-site workers to the wider public. Armed with this knowledge, our technicians can now deliver even more effective traffic management solutions, enhancing our industry-leading services.

Empowering Scottish Traffic Management Operatives with ‘Stop & Go’ Skills

Up in Scotland, our first batch of Traffic Management Operatives (TMOs) has successfully completed ‘Stop & Go’ assessments. This essential Chapter 8 traffic management assessment ensures that our staff can confidently and safely control traffic flow, further bolstering road safety for all involved.

Fuelling Company Growth

These initiatives aren’t stand-alone achievements. They form part of our broader commitment to employee development and to driving company growth. By investing in the happiness and skills of our team, we’re creating an environment that naturally fuels the growth of Paragon Traffic Management.

Building a Winning Team Through Empowerment

We believe that a team member who is confident and satisfied in their role contributes significantly to the success of the entire team. And when our team succeeds, our company grows – a natural and organic growth fueled by shared achievement and mutual respect.

Our approach isn’t just about professional development, it’s about personal growth too. The Chapter 8 Traffic Management training equips our staff not just with skills they can use on the job, but with abilities that enhance their confidence and expand their perspectives.

We recognise each achievement, no matter how small, because every step forward is a testament to the power of our training and the dedication of our team. Our success stories aren’t about individuals; they are about the collective strength of our team and the power of what we can achieve together.

Building a Winning Team Through Empowerment

We believe that our employees are our greatest assets, and we invest heavily in their continuous development through our acclaimed training initiative. Join us to experience first-hand the supportive and growth-oriented culture that is the Paragon difference. Don’t miss your chance to grow with us! Click here to explore current opportunities and apply today.