The Importance of Supplier Selection

Choosing the right traffic management supplier is a strategic decision that can significantly impact your construction business. A poor choice can lead to project delays, increased costs, and even safety hazards. This article aims to guide construction firms in making informed decisions when selecting a traffic management supplier.

Why Supplier Selection Matters

Reputation and Trust

Building trust builds reputation and reputation can win work. Trusting that your traffic management provider has all in hand will only benefit you, your projects, and ultimately your reputation.

Cost and Time Efficiency

A supplier who uses advanced traffic management software can help you save time by quickly turning around the design and implementing much more efficient traffic management proposals.

Legal Compliance

Providers who are well-versed in traffic management legislation can help ensure that your projects always stay compliant, avoiding issues during works.

Key Considerations in Supplier Selection


Punctuality and Efficiency

Being on time and delivering efficiently is pivotal to avoid delays, and in turn additional costs. This comes with installing traffic management at the required start time and meeting lead times and delivery targets.

Quality of Work

Look for suppliers who have a track record of setting up quality, effective and safe traffic management in previous projects of a similar nature.



A good supplier should provide regular updates on the status of traffic management setups, including any challenges they may be facing.


In case of an emergency, like a traffic accident within the works areas, the supplier should be quick to respond and take appropriate action.

Quality and Consistency

High Standards

Your supplier should consistently deliver high-quality work, for instance, ensuring that all traffic signs are visible and placed at appropriate distances.



If a work site suddenly needs to change due to external factors, your supplier should be able to quickly adapt the traffic management plan accordingly.

Crane working within work site set up by Paragon traffic management in Scotland

Bespoke Questions for Supplier Assessment

Net Zero Plans

Ask if the supplier is contributing to a net zero plan and if so, how?

Health & Safety Standards

Inquire about their adherence to health and safety standards to make sure they align with your priorities.

Conclusion – Making the Informed Choice

Choosing the right traffic management supplier is a critical business decision. By considering factors like reliability, communication, and quality, by asking the right questions, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your business goals and values.

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