It’s not every day that you get to see a six-wheeled John Deere tree harvester in action. But that’s precisely what happened when we, at Paragon Traffic Management, were contacted by a first-time client to provide a shuttle lane working with lights being manually controlled for an extensive tree felling operation (basically shutting a section of the road for a small amount of time, whilst the trees were being cut down the moving said section along for the road, ready for the next lot of trees) The sheer size of the machinery involved, coupled with the unique challenges of the job, made for an incredibly interesting experience.

The Project

Our mission was clear: facilitate a safe and efficient solution during tree felling to manage overhanging branches that posed a risk to drivers and pedestrians. With the sun shining down on us, our Traffic Management Operators (TMOs) were up and at ’em, ready for when the client arrived onsite to start putting the cones and signs out.

Client Feedback

“We couldn’t have asked for a better start,” said our client. “Your team was early and ready, and the quick quote from your project manager along with his responsiveness was exactly what we’re after! We need dependable suppliers like you (Paragon) when we’re hiring expensive equipment out for big jobs like this!”

Learning on the Job

One of the fascinating aspects of this project was learning how different sections of the harvested trees would serve varying purposes. Some went off to timber yards, and others were shredded to become bedding for horses and even some going to places like powerplants! It’s safe to say, the scope of tree felling isn’t limited to just cutting down trees; it’s about resource management.

Why Choose Paragon for Your Traffic Management Needs in the UK?

When it comes to traffic management in the UK, we provide bespoke solutions that cater to the specific needs of each project, ensuring smooth operations, no matter the complexity or size. Safety By Choice, Not By Chance.

Additional Value

Being a part of this eye-opening tree felling / Tree Harvesting operation  not only enriched our portfolio but also gave us valuable insights into the industry and large-scale resource management. It enabled us to fine-tune our processes and be better prepared for similar projects in the future.


In the realm of traffic management within in the UK, every day is a new adventure. From managing road closures and route diversions to facilitating safe tree felling operations, the scope of what we do is ever-expanding. This recent job served as a wonderful testament to the versatility and reliability that Paragon brings to the table.

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