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At Paragon Traffic Management, our vision is to be a nationwide leader, admired for our people, partnerships, and performance. Our mission anchors on delivering quality services with transparency, fostering safe practices and minimising environmental impact. We value respect, collaboration, and direct feedback, shunning office politics and discrimination. With a focus on communication and lean operations, we measure success by the value we create for our clients.

In line with these principles, we are excited to share a milestone in our strategic expansion – the opening of our new South West depot in Lydbrook, Gloucestershire. This step not only enhances our service delivery but also enriches work-life balance for our regional operatives and adds value to our clients and communities.

Meet Tom Robins

Tom Robins, our South West Area Manager, boasts a unique and diverse career trajectory that sets him apart in the traffic management industry. His journey began in the military, serving in the prestigious Royal Anglian Regiment of the British Army. This experience endowed him with exceptional discipline, leadership skills, and a strong commitment to teamwork and safety.

Following his service in the army, Tom embarked on a new journey in the traffic management industry. Over the past seven years, he has proven his mettle, working his way up through the ranks and leaving a significant impact on every project he’s been part of, including the High-Speed 2 (HS2) project.

HS2 is a pioneering high-speed railway system being built across the UK, connecting major cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds. Tom’s involvement in this ambitious project has honed his expertise in managing large-scale, complex traffic systems, preparing him for his pivotal role at Paragon Traffic Management.

The Strategic Importance of the Gloucester Depot

The Gloucestershire depot’s strategic location is twofold. Firstly, it enables us to swiftly and efficiently deliver traffic management solutions to our clients in the South West. Having a depot in this location significantly enhances our ability to respond promptly to our customers’ needs and vastly reduce turnaround times.

Secondly, the depot offers our regional operatives a more balanced work-life experience. A base closer to home enables our dedicated team members to better manage the demands of work and personal life, aligning with Paragon Traffic Management’s emphasis on employee wellbeing.

Collaborating for a Better Future

Our expansion into the South West opens a wealth of opportunities, not only for our business, but also for the communities we’ll be serving. By working closely with local councils and clients, we’re looking to make a positive impact on the areas we work within, communities and inspiring the traffic management industry as a whole to elevate safety standards.

This depot is a symbol of our commitment to growth, innovation, and community engagement. We continue to dedicate ourselves to providing dependable and effective traffic management solutions while prioritising safety in our operations.

Join us as we usher in a new era of traffic management in the South West and watch the video below to get Tom’s take on the operation.

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We value our team as our biggest asset and we’re always on the lookout for passionate, dedicated individuals who share our commitment to transforming the traffic management industry. Join us and contribute to a safer, more efficient future.

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