In the realm of traffic management, few businesses have demonstrated the exceptional growth that Paragon Traffic Management has experienced. Our roots, deeply embedded in a foundation of progressive thinking and forward-looking strategies, have positioned us at the forefront of our industry. Today, we’re excited to share some significant updates on our expansion, growth, and the incredible opportunities this presents for potential team members.

A Horizon Broadening in Devon and Scotland

As we journey through 2023, Paragon Traffic Management’s footprint is growing ever larger. Our recent expansion efforts are now taking us into the picturesque landscapes of Devon, whilst simultaneously increasing our local reach within the beautiful terrains of Scotland. Such monumental growth can only mean one thing: a rich tapestry of opportunities for those looking to be a part of our success story.

Join Our Team: Seeking an Accounts Assistant in Scunthorpe

Our main office in Scunthorpe is buzzing with activity and now seeks to bring on board a dedicated Accounts Assistant. The chosen candidate will have the exceptional opportunity to work closely with our Head of Finance, ensuring the streamlined operations of our burgeoning business.

The Paragon Difference: Speed with Safety

At Paragon, we understand the essence of time, a resource so precious yet so fleeting. Our commitment to optimizing time without compromising on safety is what sets us apart. It’s also what led to the creation of our internal licensing and permits team, powered by our bespoke CRM system. This unmatched synergy ensures that when speed is of the essence, we can turn projects around the very next day.

Your Next Step

If you’re passionate about making a mark in the traffic management sector and wish to be part of a company that values innovation and efficiency, we want to hear from you. Discover the exciting roles we have on offer across the UK, tailored for the forward-thinkers and the changemakers.

View our current job opportunities here and join our dynamic team!

Safety By Choice, Not By Chance