Trying something new in Traffic Management with construction

Expanding Horizons in Construction Management at Olympia

The London Build Expo 2023, held on November 15th and 16th at the Olympia, Kensington, marked a pivotal shift for Paragon Traffic Management. Venturing into the construction and construction management realms, we showcased our extensive traffic management expertise within the vibrant construction industry.

Preparation for Innovation

Our expedition into this new domain began with Freddie Smith and Jack Davis setting up our exhibit on November 14th. Their preparation paved the way for us to present our traffic management solutions, typically tailored for the construction industry, to a new audience.

Constructive Conversations and Networking

While our stand at the London Build Expo wasn’t the busiest, it transformed into a centre for impactful dialogues. Our interactions with a diverse array of professionals from the construction industry underlined the synergy between construction management and our traffic management services. These valuable conversations included exchanges of several contact details, and even led to an immediate opportunity for a couple of project quotations. This not only reflected our reactiveness and leading turnaround times but also our ability to adeptly meet the unique demands of the construction management sector.

Insights into Construction and Traffic Management Synergy

Our venture into the construction industry at this event was a revelatory experience. It provided us with valuable insights into the decision-making processes of construction management companies when choosing their suppliers and partners. This experience underlined the importance of innovation and the willingness to explore new avenues in both the construction and traffic management industries. Embracing these unexplored paths is absolutely essential for growth and success in these dynamic sectors.

Familiar Faces in a New Setting

In addition to forging new partnerships, the London Build Expo actually provided a nice opportunity to reconnect with known faces from the traffic management field as they took the day to have a look around and see what the event was all about. Who knows, maybe we’ve started a trend?

Embracing Challenges and Opportunities

Exhibiting at the London Build Expo marks Paragon’s journey towards innovation and growth within the construction and traffic management sectors. This platform has opened doors to uncharted opportunities, feeding our enthusiasm to introduce even more specialised traffic management solutions to an expanded audience in the construction realm. We’re ecstatic by the prospect of contributing our expertise to new and diverse construction projects, further cementing *pun intended* our role as innovators in the traffic management industry.

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