NHSS12 (National Highways Sector Scheme 12) is a certification scheme in the United Kingdom that covers traffic management during temporary roadworks. This scheme is part of a series of National Highways Sector Schemes (NHSS) that have been developed to ensure a high level of quality and safety in the road and highway sector.

NHSS12 is specifically designed to regulate and ensure the proper management of traffic during temporary roadwork situations, such as construction or maintenance projects. Companies that provide traffic management services are required to be certified under this scheme to demonstrate their competence and adherence to the required standards.

The scheme includes standards for:

  1. Traffic management design and planning
  2. Traffic management equipment (such as signs, cones, and barriers)
  3. Implementation and monitoring of traffic management measures.
  4. Safety procedures and training for traffic management personnel

The primary goal of NHSS12 is to ensure that traffic management services maintain a consistent level of quality and safety, thereby minimising the risk of accidents and disruptions during roadwork operations.