A provider of overhead line equipment (OHLE), with both a Principle Contractors Licence and a Plant Operators Licence, undertook a significant railway infrastructure project. However, the company encountered logistical challenges that threatened the efficient execution and the timely completion of the project.

Initial Challenge

The OHLE provider planned to establish a compound to facilitate the storage of equipment and materials prior to acquiring possession of the railway line. This compound was intended for deliveries and storage of 40-ton Excavators Road-Railers, telehandlers, and steelwork crucial for the railway construction works. Once possession of the line was granted, these materials were to be moved to the railway location.

The success of the plan hinged on long-term Traffic Management (TM) support to enable access to the plant delivery location and for crossing from one compound to another. The challenge was to ensure minimum disruption to traffic flow, especially during delivery times, to keep the project on schedule.

Our Solution

Given the complexity of the issue, we recommended the installation of temporary traffic lights as an immediate solution. The system was designed to allow unobstructed traffic flow with all lights set to green unless a delivery was expected. An operative was deployed on-site to shift the lights to red during delivery times, providing the client with ample time and space to complete their deliveries.

Our team was available on-site six days a week, working both day and night shifts. Over the weekends, we provided 24/7 TM operative support as per the client’s needs.

Future Implications and Solutions

Our solutions can be tailored to meet a variety of needs that contractors with similar challenges may face. For instance, on a smaller site operated by the same client, we found that having an operative on site every day was not necessary. However, the need to have red lights during plant crossings remained. To accommodate this, we integrated a push-button system into the traffic light controls. This allowed the wagons to change the light to red when needing to enter or leave the site.

While the client handled liaisons with the council and Network Rail for this project, our dedicated permits and licensing team is capable of managing these aspects internally for future projects. This ensures adherence to all legal processes, thereby reducing the burden on our clients.

Our innovative, flexible solutions successfully supported the OHLE provider in their railway infrastructure project, demonstrating our ability to meet diverse requirements and challenges in traffic management for large-scale infrastructure projects.

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