Paragon Traffic Management is a beacon of change in Devon’s traffic management scene. By integrating cutting-edge industry trends and adhering to best practices, we’re revolutionising traffic management across Devon. We are proud to work across a range of sectors including EV charging station installation, civils, telecoms, construction, and local events.

Championing Technological Innovation

At the heart of our pioneering approach is our commitment to technological advancement, best exemplified by our bespoke CRM system – the Paragon Portal. This system, crafted and refined over the last eight years, has been a game-changer for coordinating and tracking our traffic management services in Devon, and for our partners in diverse industries.

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A Testament to Constant Advancement

The Paragon Portal isn’t just a static piece of technology; it’s a dynamic, constantly evolving tool. Designed to maximise transparency between our clients, project coordinators, field operatives, and managers, it exemplifies our belief that clear communication and transparency are key to success across all industries.

Upholding Best Practices in Traffic Management

While we’re passionate about our technological innovations, we also value tried-and-true industry best practices. By marrying these with our innovative solutions, we’re delivering highly effective traffic management services throughout Devon, from telecoms to construction and beyond.

Setting New Standards

Through our unique blend of technology and best practices, we’re defining new standards for traffic management in Devon. The result is enhanced safety, increased efficiency, and a level of transparency that’s second to none. That’s the Paragon approach to traffic management, and it’s benefiting diverse industries not just across Devon but the whole of the UK.

At Paragon, we’re not just keeping pace with industry trends; we’re setting them. Come join us as we reshape traffic management in Devon!

If you’re intrigued and want to experience the Paragon difference, our Devon Area Manager, Tom Robins, would be delighted to chat with you. You can get in touch with Tom by following this link: Contact Tom Robins. Let’s redefine traffic management together.

Safety By Choice, Not By Chance