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Quality water-filled barriers delivered anywhere in the UK

As a leading provider in the industry, Paragon Traffic Management is well-known for offering exceptional water-filled barrier solutions to clients across both private and public sectors. Our high-quality, robust water-filled barriers are designed to cater to diverse project requirements, providing superior safety and delineation on-site. We understand the importance of reliable and effective traffic management solutions, which is why our water-filled barriers are engineered to meet the highest standards.

By leveraging our expertise in the field, our water-filled barrier services guarantee the provision of a safe and secure environment for your project, contributing to enhanced efficiency and safety on-site. Our exceptional customer service and transparent communication set us apart, as we consistently keep clients informed and up to date throughout the entire barrier installation process. At Paragon Traffic Management, we understand the importance of meeting our client’s expectations and delivering high-quality results, which is why we go the extra mile to provide the necessary support and resources.

What makes our barriers the ideal choice?

  • Easy to fill and drain
  • Lightweight when empty, making them easy to position
  • Brightly coloured to make it easier for drivers to spot
  • Can be interlinked to create flexible chains, ideal fro corners and bends
  • We regularly check and maintain our barriers to ensure they do not leak
  • We are available to work with local councils, private developers, road maintenance companies, event organisers and highway agencies


The team at Paragon is committed to correct barrier usage. To ensure the safety of workers and the public, and to prevent unwanted movement, we ensure all barriers are filled correctly to the recommended levels. When it comes to draining them, we make sure to complete this correctly, to avoid causing further issues by releasing lots of water at once.