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When works are required to take place overnight, lighting issues can be a hurdle as standard street lighting may not be up to the task. If you require an off-the-grid solution, call Paragon. We specialise in providing quality lighting towers that can be used for a range of traffic management applications, but more importantly, allow our clients to undertake the works in well lit conditions improving safety, working time and efficiency.

Our lighting towers run off of silenced generators so they are suitable for use in residential areas. They reach a height of 5m providing great coverage and deliver a powerful 12500 lumens.

Tower lights are an additional option to all work types or can even be delivered as an individual item should it be required.

What makes our tower lighting setups so great?

  • Provides a well lit works area
  • Can assist with night schemes to increase working times
  • Good throughout the winter with reduced daylight hours
  • Wheeled for easy maneuverability around site
  • Weatherproof design


Lights can be supplied as a single service, or as part of a full traffic management package. We take the time to understand your on-site needs, and we're always happy to provide a competitive quotation on our hire services. Get in touch to speak to a member of the Paragon team today.

Work effectively & unhindered at night

The power outlets available are:

  • 1x 115V/16A
  • 1x 115V/32A
  • 1x 230V/32A


With the tower lights we supply, there are additional power sources available that may assist your on site requirements and potential equipment to be powered on site.

If this is something that is of interest, contact our team on 0800 698 0267  and we will gladly assist you with your enquiry.