Stop and go traffic management plays a crucial role in road safety and traffic control, particularly during road construction and maintenance projects. In this article, we’ll explore the concept, its applications, and the benefits it brings to road users and construction projects alike.

What is Stop and Go Traffic Management?

Stop and go traffic management is a temporary traffic control measure employed to safely guide vehicles and pedestrians through roadworks or construction sites. The system uses traffic control operatives, also known as “banksmen,” equipped with stop and go signs to manage traffic flow. The primary objective is to ensure the safety of road users, construction workers, and pedestrians while minimising disruptions and maintaining a smooth flow of traffic.

When is Stop and Go Traffic Management Necessary?

Stop and go traffic management is commonly used in situations such as:

  • Road construction or maintenance projects, e.g., resurfacing, widening, or utility works.
  • Events that require temporary road closures or lane restrictions, like parades or sporting events.
  • Emergency situations, such as accidents, natural disasters, or hazardous material spills.

Benefits of Stop and Go Traffic Management

Implementing stop and go traffic management offers several advantages:

  1. Improved safety: It reduces the risk of accidents and ensures the safety of all parties involved.
  2. Reduced congestion: Effective traffic control prevents bottlenecks and maintains a steady flow of traffic.
  3. Better communication: Traffic control operatives provide a direct line of communication between road users and construction crews.
  4. Enhanced public relations: Well-managed traffic control demonstrates professionalism and competence, fostering goodwill and trust.

Paragon TM: Your Stop and Go Traffic Management Partner

At Paragon TM, we are committed to providing efficient and reliable stop and go traffic management solutions tailored to your project’s specific requirements. Our experienced team of traffic control operatives is trained in industry-standard best practices, ensuring safety and minimal disruption for all road users.

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