Stepping into Devon

At Paragon Traffic Management, we’re renowned for delivering transparency and unrivalled traffic management. Now, we’re expanding our operations to Devon, bringing our commitment to excellence and community growth to this beautiful region.

Building Social Value in Devon through Effective Traffic Management

Our mission is not just about delivering exceptional traffic management services. We’re dedicated to building social value in every community we serve. By providing employment opportunities and reducing congestion during works in Devon, we’re contributing to the region’s economic growth and vitality.

Navigating Devon’s roads

With our new base in Devon, we’re perfectly positioned to provide swift and efficient traffic management whilst providing our local traffic management operatives with a much better work/ life balance. Our presence here allows us to reduce downtime, respond rapidly to client needs, and offer custom traffic solutions that cater to the unique requirements of Devon’s infrastructure.

Paragon Traffic Management: Your Partner in Progress

We’re more than just a traffic management provider; we’re a community partner. Trust in Paragon to deliver fortified traffic management solutions that prioritise safety and efficiency. With our promise of 24-hour turnaround times on quotes, we’re your reliable partner for efficient traffic management in Devon.
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Unrivalled Job Opportunities in Devon

Join our team and play a crucial role in shaping the region’s traffic landscape. At Paragon, we offer unbeatable benefits like door-to-door pay, structured career progression training, and participation in an annual profit-sharing scheme. You’re not just managing traffic—you’re contributing to safer, more efficient roads and driving community growth. Our application process only takes 10 minutes.

Connect with Paragon Traffic Management

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