What roles do traffic management operatives perform?
Traffic management operatives play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of both road users and workers during roadworks, events, or emergencies that require temporary traffic management. Their responsibilities can vary depending on the specific situation, but some common roles and duties include:

Setting up and removing traffic management equipment: This includes placing cones, signs, and barriers, as well as installing temporary traffic lights or other devices.
Directing traffic: Traffic management operatives may use hand signals or other methods to direct vehicles around roadworks, accidents, or other temporary obstructions.
Monitoring traffic flow: Traffic management operatives monitor traffic flow and adjust traffic management measures as necessary to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vehicles.
Communicating with colleagues and other stakeholders: They communicate with colleagues and other stakeholders, such as the police or emergency services, to ensure everyone is aware of the traffic management measures in place.
Maintaining equipment: Traffic management operatives are responsible for maintaining and repairing traffic management equipment as needed, ensuring that it is in good working condition.
Ensuring safety: Traffic management operatives must be aware of and comply with health and safety regulations, including wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and ensuring that they and others are not put at risk by their actions.
Overall, traffic management operatives play a critical role in keeping road users and workers safe during temporary traffic management. To discover what roles we currently have available in your area, visit our careers page HERE.

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