Not Just a Traffic Management Company

Here at Paragon Traffic Management, we’re not just a traffic management company; we’re a team committed to transforming the industry landscape. We may not be the most recognised name just yet, but we’re dedicated to becoming the transparent, reliable, and innovative service provider the UK needs.

Our Continued Growth and Diversification

Our roots lie in the telecoms sector, but our ambitions stretch far beyond. We’re continually expanding our horizons to serve an ever-growing list of industries, from large events and construction sites to utility projects and arboriculture works. This diverse range allows us to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to each or our clients’ unique needs.

Embracing Innovation for Safety and Efficiency

As a team, we’re passionate about the power of innovation. That’s why we’re constantly investing in new technologies designed to enhance safety for your workers and our operatives whilst increasing the overall operational efficiency. Our bespoke CRM system, the “Paragon Portal,” is a shining example of this commitment.

This centralised hub allows us to upload jobs, traffic management plans, and permits quickly and efficiently. It also provides real-time updates and site photos from our operatives on the ground, facilitating seamless communication and coordination across all levels of our organisation.

Our Commitment to Transparency

At Paragon Traffic Management, we believe in open communication and trust. That’s why when we first built the Paragon Portal, we made the accessible to all of our clients, offering a new level of transparency to our services. With real-time access to updates and key project information, our clients are always in the loop.

Our Expanding Network

With six depots across the UK – in Scunthorpe, Horley, Henley on Thames, Accrington, West Lothian, and Lydbrook – and our head office in Lincolnshire, we’re always expanding to bring our services closer to our clients. This growth also allows us to provide a healthier work-life balance for our diligent operatives, reflecting our commitment to our team’s wellbeing.

At Paragon, we’re more than a traffic management company. We’re your trusted partner, ready to navigate the challenges of traffic management alongside you. Experience the Paragon difference for yourself; contact us today for a quote.