At Paragon Traffic Management, we’ve taken an innovative approach to redefining traffic management services within the UK.

Our Commitment: 24-Hour Turnaround

Our commitment to our clients starts from the moment they reach out to us with a job inquiry. We understand the urgency and precision that the field of UK traffic management requires. Therefore, we promise that every job will be surveyed, quoted, and a TM plan will be created within a 24-hour period.

The benefit of this rapid response system is evident to our clients. Within a day, they understand what they’re working with, the costs involved, what licenses are needed, and the associated lead times. This prompt and efficient service enables them to factor these elements into their scheme of works, accelerating their project’s launch.

Systematic Approach and Streamlined Process

Our process is meticulously designed to maximise efficiency. As soon as a job is surveyed, it goes back to our projects team for quoting and our drawings team to create a traffic management plan. By working on these tasks simultaneously, we accelerate the job process.

In addition, we have a dedicated licensing and permitting team committed to handling necessary paperwork like Section 50s and MEWP licenses, among others. This level of meticulous attention to detail and dedication is uniform across every industry and sector we serve.

Keeping Clients Up-to-Date: Our Client Portal

We pride ourselves on our transparency and commitment to keep our clients in the loop. To achieve this, we have a dedicated portal, the “Paragon Portal” where clients can log in and access live updates. Site photographs and job status are instantly uploaded to the system, providing a real-time understanding of the job’s progress.

Ensuring Continuity: Our Project Coordinators

We recognise that consistency and continuity are vital in UK traffic management. To ensure this, we assign at least two project coordinators to each new client. If one coordinator is unavailable, the second one can take over seamlessly, ensuring that our client experiences no downtime.

At Paragon, our commitment to efficiency, rapid response, and clear communication is transforming traffic management within the UK. Trust us to be your reliable TM partner!

Begin Your Traffic Management Journey with Paragon Today

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