When a new client reached out to us in a state of urgency after being let down last minute by another provider, our team didn’t hesitate to step up. Our skilled Project Coordinator and dedicated Permits and Licensing Officer took on the challenge headfirst.

The Challenge

The client faced a critical roadblock in their project when their previous traffic management provider failed to deliver on time. The project required immediate attention to avoid significant delays and potential financial losses.

Quick and Effective Solutions

Our Project Coordinator, Ewan Horsewood, immediately jumped into action. They coordinated with the client to understand the full scope of the project and the specific requirements needed to get things back on track. Meanwhile, our Permits and Licensing Officer, Connor Moore expedited the necessary paperwork, ensuring that all legalities were in place without any delay.

Within hours, they had mobilised a team and arranged all necessary equipment to the site. Their quick thinking and efficient coordination turned what could have been a disaster into a seamless operation.

Client Feedback

Our client was thrilled with the response and quick turnaround. Here’s what they had to say:

“Brilliant news! Thanks for your help on this, it is very much appreciated and has helped us massively in terms of being able to progress on site as programmed.”

Additionally, one of our team members shared some feedback too:

“Some really good feedback from our client for the team. They’re a new client that reached out to us after their current supplier let them down for an upcoming job. Our team turned it around and they’re chuffed to bits. We’ve gone from being set up as a one-off supplier to now being onboarded as a full supplier they can use going forward.”

Our team’s efforts not only salvaged the situation for the client but also led to Paragon Traffic Management being onboarded as a preferred supplier for their future projects.

The Outcome

Thanks to our team’s hard work, the client’s project proceeded as planned. Paragon Traffic Management is now their go-to supplier for all future traffic management needs. This incident not only salvaged the situation for the client but also highlighted the resilience and reliability of our team.

About Our Superstars

Our Project Coordinators

Our Project Coordinators brings a wealth of experience, ensuring that all aspects of traffic management are handled efficiently.

Our Permits and Licensing Officer

Our Permits and Licensing Officer’s expertise guarantees that every project complies with all necessary regulations, removing any hesitation from the client’s side.

Our Commitment

This event underscores Paragon Traffic Management’s commitment to client success. Our team’s ability to handle emergencies and provide exceptional service is what sets us apart in the industry.

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