Water Filled Traffic Barriers

Ever been on your way to work, cruising along and then—bam!—you hit road works. Of course, safety is critical within these work areas, but have you ever stopped to consider what keeps things running smoothly and safely? Today, we’re diving deep into the world of water filled traffic barriers. Trust me, it’s more exciting than it sounds!

What are Water Filled Traffic Barriers?

At first glance, water filled traffic barriers might seem like just brightly colored plastic barricades, but they’re so much more. These barriers are sturdy, lightweight when empty, and are designed in a way that they can be filled with water to add weight, making them stable and robust enough to redirect traffic, protect pedestrians, and even absorb some impact in the event of a collision. Once their job is done, just drain the water, and voilà—they’re light and portable again.

The Role of Water Filled Traffic Barriers in Traffic Management

Remember that surprise road works we talked about earlier? Here’s where water filled traffic barriers really shine. They are the unsung heroes of traffic management, ensuring safety, and promoting efficient traffic flow.

These barriers are primarily used to create a visual and physical barrier between traffic and the work areas. They help guide vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians safely around road work, accidents, or other temporary changes in traffic patterns.

Unlike their concrete cousins, water filled traffic barriers are versatile and easy to install and remove. They’re the epitome of a practical, effective temporary solution. And hey, they’re environmentally friendly too—using nothing more than water for stability.

Why Water Filled Traffic Barriers are an Ideal Temporary Solution

Let’s face it, roadworks are never a permanent fixture (thankfully!). So why should the barriers be? That’s where water filled traffic barriers come in. They are reusable, portable, and, most importantly, temporary.

These barriers offer high visibility, ensuring drivers can clearly see the demarcation at night or in bad weather. And because they’re water-filled, they offer a level of impact absorption, reducing potential damage to vehicles that might come into contact with them. Not that we recommend testing this feature out!

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Ready to Make the Switch?

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